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Test Sound Cd Audiophile Audio Cd Import Toko Online Music Jual Cd .

Michael Buble Crazy Love 2009, Reprise JazzArgentina CD
Emi Fujita Rembrandt Sky 2005, PonyCanyon PopAudiophie
Allan Taylor Looking For You 1996, Stockfisch PopAudiophile
Audiophile Jazz Prologue Part 2: Without You 2006, Fung Hang JazzAudiophile
Bela Fleck Drive 2005, MSFL JazzAudiophile
Brian Evans You: The Best of Brian Evans 2001, Premium PopAudiophile
Carpenters, The A Song For You [Remastered] 1989, MSFL PopAudiophile
Corrinne May Beautiful Seed 2007, Major Chord PopAudiophile
Corrinne May Fly Away 2001 PopAudiophile
Corrinne May Safe in a Crazy WorldPopAudiophile
Count Basie The Count [24 Bit Mastering] 2000, Delta JazzAudiophile
Dali In Appreciation of Music 2006, Dali MixedAudiophile
Dali In Appreciation of Medicine Vol. 2 2008, Dali MixedAudiophile
Diana Krall The Expression of Love 2000, Verve JazzAudiophile
Dinah Washington Audiophile Selection 2003, Premium BluesAudiophile
Eagles Hell Freezes Over [Remastered] 2000, Universal RockAudiophile
Emi Fujita Camomile Best Audio 2007, Forward PopAudiophile
Emi Fujita Camomile Classics 2006, Pony Canyon PopAudiophile
Emi Fujita Camomile Extra 2001, Pony Canyon PopAudiophile
Emi Fujita Camomile Plus 2007, Leafage PopAudiophile
Emi Fujita Lullaby of Camomile; Live In Singapore 2004 [Live] 2005, InterGlobal PopAudiophile
George Winston All The Seasons of George Winston [24 Bit] 1998, BMG New AgeAudiophile
Guns N' Roses Lies [Remastered] 1999, MSFL RockAudiophile
Hiroko Kokubu Pure Heart 1995, JVC Jp. JazzAudiophile
Huang Jiang Qin Captivated by South of Asia n/a Traditional Mandarin Audiophile
Huang Jiang Qin Dong Peng Fo n/a Traditional Mandarin Audiophile
Huang Jiang Qin Erhu What Favor n/a Traditional Mandarin Audiophile
Huang Jiang Qin One Go n/a Traditional Mandarin Audiophile
Huang Jiang Qin Surinamese Minor n/a Traditional Mandarin Audiophile
Inger Marie Gundersen By Myself 2006, Stunt JazzAudiophile
Inger Marie Gundersen Make This Moment 2006, Stunt JazzAudiophile
J. S. Bach Violin & Double Concertos 1995, SBM Japan ClassicalAudiophile
Jacintha Autumn Leaves; The Songs of Johnny Mercer 2000, Groove Note JazzAudiophile
Jacintha Here's To Ben: A Vocal Tribute to Ben Webster 2001, Groove Note JazzAudiophile
Jacintha Jacintha Goes To Hollywood 2007, Groove Note JazzAudiophile
Jacintha Lush Life 2002, Groove Note JazzAudiophile
Jheena Lodwick All My Loving [HDCD] 2004, The MusicLab JazzAudiophile
Jheena Lodwick Feelings 2004, The MusicLab PopAudiophile
Jheena Lodwick Getting To Know You 2005, The MusicLab PopAudiophile
Jheena Lodwick Singing In The Rain 2007, The MusicLab PopAudiophile
Jin Chi Eternal Singing: Endless Love VIII 2010, WM PopAudiophile
Joanna Wang Start from Here 2008, Sony/BMG JazzAudiophile
Kari Bremnes Live Kirkelig, 2007 PopAudiophile
Kari Bremnes Losrivelse 2006, Kirkelig PopAudiophile
Kari Bremnes LY 2009, Kirkelig K Pop Folk Audiophile
Kari Bremnes Norwegian Mood [HDCD] 2000, Kirkelig K Pop Folk Audiophile
Kari Bremnes Over En By 2005, Kirkelig Pop Folk Audiophile
Kitaro The Essential Collection 1997, N/A New AgeAudiophile
Linda Rondstadt Greatest Hits Vol. 1 DCC, 1993 Pop Country Audiophile
Linda Rondstadt Greatest Hits Vol. 2 DCC, 1998 Pop Country Audiophile
Metallica .And Judge For All [Remastered] Globus Int'l Metal Rock Audiophile
Miles Davis Kind of Blue1997, Sony JazzAudiophile
Nat King Cole In The Mode For Love [Remastered]2002, SRM JazzAudiophile
Nicole Wang Ya Jie Contagious Love2006, Zhong Guo Pop Mandarin Audiophile
Nicole Wang Ya Jie Queen of Chanson Melody 62009, Yiren Pop Mandarin Audiophile
Patricia Barber Modern Cool2003, MSFL JazzAudiophile
Patricia Barber Nightclub2002, MSFL JazzAudiophile
Patricia Barber Verse2005, MSFL JazzAudiophile
Peppi Kamadhatu 2005 2005, Sangaji Jazz Vocal Audiophile
Peppi Kamadhatu Suddenly2006, Sangaji Jazz Vocal Audiophile
Queen Night At The Opera [Remastered]2000, DCC RockAudiophile
Rebecca Pidgeon The New York's Girl Club1996, Chesky JazzAudiophile
Rebecca Pidgeon The Raven1994, Chesky JazzAudiophile
Sam Levine Hi Fi Sax2005, Topmusic Pop Instrumental Audiophile
Sammy Breath MePop Mandarin Audiophile
Sammy Xin Ling Yang Ba2006, Guang Dong Pop Mandarin Audiophile
Sara K Hell or High Water2006, Stockfisch JazzAudiophile
Sara K What Matters2001, Chesky JazzAudiophile
Selena Jones Audiophile Selection2007, Premium JazzAudiophile
Selena Jones My Love2003, JVC Victor JazzAudiophile
Sofia I Believe [HDCD] 2009, S2S PopAudiophile
Stan Getz Getz/Gilberto (1963) [Remastered]1994, MSFL JazzAudiophile
Stevie Ray Vaughan The Sky Is Crying1998, MSFL BluesAudiophile
Susan Wong A Night At The Movies2007, Rock In JazzAudiophile
Susan Wong Close To You2004, Rock In JazzAudiophile
Susan Wong I Like You Love2003, Rock In JazzAudiophile
Susan Wong These Foolish Things2004, Rock In JazzAudiophile
Susan Wong 511 2009, Evosound PopAudiophile
Susan Wong Just A Little Bossa Nova2005, Rock In PopAudiophile
Susan Wong Someone Like You2007, Evosound PopAudiophile
Susan Wong Step Into My Dreams 2010, S2S PopAudiophile
Susan Wong The Better of Susan Wong2008, Rock In PopAudiophile
Teresa Teng 50th Anniversary [2 Discs]n/a Pop Mandarin Audiophile
The Hi-Fi Sound of Latin Guitar III Antonia Carlos Bonfas [2 Discs]2001, Premium Jazz Latin Audiophile
Tong Li It Is Too Difficult To Leave 2010, WM PopAudiophile
Tong Li Missing You 2009, WM PopAudiophile
Tong Li The Sole Is Love Sing 2007, WM PopAudiophile
Tsai Chin Golden Voices Vol. 1 2007, Warner TW Pop Mandarin Audiophile
Tsai Chin Opportunity 2003, Warner PopAudiophile
U2 The Unforgettable Fire [Remastered] (1984)1995, MSFL Alternative Rock Audiophile
VA Audiophile Bossa Voices I 2004, Premium JazzAudiophile
VA Audiophile Bossa Voices II 2006, Premium JazzAudiophile
VA Audiophile Jazz Prologue Part 2: Without You 2006, Fung Hang JazzAudiophile
VA Best Audiophile Voices Vol. I 2004, Premium Jazz Easy Listening Audiophile
VA Best Audiophile Voices Vol. II 2006, Premium Jazz Easy Listening Audiophile
VA Best Audiophile Voices Vol. III 2004, Premium Jazz Easy Listening Audiophile
VA Best Audiophile Voices Vol. IV 2005, Premium Jazz Easy Listening Audiophile
VA Best Audiophile Voices Vol. V 2007, Premium Jazz Easy Listening Audiophile
VA Best Audiophile Voices Vol. VI 2010, Premium Jazz Easy Listening Audiophile
VA Concord Jazz SACD Sampler Vol. 1 2003, Concord JazzAudiophile
VA JVC XRCD Sampler1996, JVC JazzAudiophile
VA MSFL Jazz Sampler 1987, MSFL JazzAudiophile
VA The Sheffield Jazz Experience1995, Sheffield Lab JazzAudiophile
VA The World's Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings2006, Chesky JazzAudiophile
VA Audiophile Male Voices 2007 2007, Premium Mixed Easy Listening Audiophile
VA Hongkong Audiophile Greatest HitsHugo, 2006 Mixed Traditional Audiophile
VA Pony Canyon AudiophileTest CD 20022002, Pony Canyon MixedAudiophile
VA Stockfisch Records: The Art of Closer to The Music Vol. 22009, Stockfisch MixedAudiophile
VA Stockfisch Records: The Art of Recording2009, Stockfisch MixedAudiophile
VA True Audiophile Best Of Groove Note2006, Groove Note Mixed Easy Listening Audiophile
VA Ultradisc II Sampler1994, MSFL MixedAudiophile
VA Favorite Chinese Instrumentals 2003, FIM New Age World Audiophile
VA Audiophile Female Voices 2 2006, Rock In PopAudiophile
VA Audiophile Male Voice II (2010) 2010, MF PopAudiophile
VA Chesky Records; Women of Songs 1997, Chesky PopAudiophile
VA Master Female Audiophile 2005, Master Music PopAudiophile
VA Reference Vocal 2007, Rock In PopAudiophile
VA - China Various Artists Greatest Hit Songs Hi-Fi 2007, Guang Dong Pop Mandarin Audiophile
VA - Kirkelig Kulturverkstad 30 Years' Fidelity [HDCD] 2006, Kirkelig K MixedAudiophile
VA - Sheffield Lab Sheffield Drive (Audiophile Sampler)1993, Sheffield Lab JazzAudiophile
VA Acoustic Arts Uncompressed World 2009, AA MixedAudiophile
VA Chesky Record BMW Audiophile Demonstration Disc 1996 1996, Chesky Pop Jazz Audiophile
VA Chesky Record BMW Audiophile Demonstration Disc 1999 1999, Chesky Pop Jazz Audiophile
VA Chesky Record BMW Audiophile Demonstration Disc 2001 2001, Chesky Pop Jazz Audiophile
Yao Si Ting Eternal Singing; Endless Love II2006, WM PopAudiophile
Yao Si Ting Eternal Singing; Endless Love IV2008, WM PopAudiophile
Yao Si Ting Eternal Singing; Endless Love V2009, WM PopAudiophile
Yao Si Ting Eternal Singing; Endless Love VII2008, WM PopAudiophile
Yao Si Ting & A Mu Toward To Sing 32008, WM PopAudiophile
Zhao Peng Basso - Carriage2010, MF Pop Mandarin Audiophile
Zhao Peng Basso - King of Hi-Fi Test 2008, Guang Zhou Pop Mandarin Audiophile
Zhao Peng Basso - King of HiFi Test IIPop Mandarin Audiophile
Louis Armstrong The Very Best of Louis Armstrong 2000, Universal JazzAudiophile [20 Bit]
Emi Fujita Camomile Blend [HDCD] 2003, Pony Canyon PopAudiophile/HDCD
Sara K Made In The Shade2009, Stockfisch Pop Folk Audiophile/Hybrid SACD
Michael Jackson HIStory [2 Discs] 1995, Epic PopAustria Import
Donna Summer The Summer Collection: Greatest Hits 1989, Polygram PopBrazil Import
Andrea Bocelli Sogno 1999, Polydor Pop Classical Canada Import
Celine Dion All The Way.A Decade Of Song 1999, Sony PopCanada Import
Enigma The Shield Behind The Mirror 2000, Virgin New AgeCanada Import
George Benson Forever Gold [Live] 2002, St. Clair JazzCanada Import
George Benson Live and Smokin' [Live] 1995, Retro JazzCanada Import
Laurie Cook Every Little Patch of My Heart 1999, Hi Octane CountryCanada Import
Pearl Jam Vs. 1993, Sony Alternative Rock Canada Import
Rush Counterparts 1993, Anthem RockCanada Import
Rush Roll The Bones 1991, Anthem RockCanada Import
Rush Vapor Trails 2002, Anthem RockCanada Import
Studio 99 I'm Still Standing; Perform 30 Years of Elton John 2001, Legacy Classic Orchestra Canada Import
VA Atmospheres: Island Rhythms St. Clair World World Canada Import
Pantera The Best of Pantera (CD DVD) 2003, Elektra Metal Rock CD DVD
Frank Sinatra 16 Most Requested Songs 1995, Sony JazzCzech Import
3 Doors Down Seventeen Days 2005, Universal RockDual CD/DVD
Metallica St. Anger (DVD) 2003, Elektra Metal Rock DVD Only
Alanis Morisette Under Rug Swept 2002, Maverick RockEnhanced CD
Amel Larrieux Infinite Possibilities 1999, Epic, Sony Soul and R&B;R&B;Enhanced CD
Avril Lavigne Let Go 2002, Arista PopEnhanced CD
Barenaked Ladies Rock Spectacle [Live] 1996, Reprise Alternative Rock Enhanced CD
Bon Jovi Have A Nice Day 2005, Island RockEnhanced CD
Bon Jovi This Left Feel Right: Greatest Hits With a Twist 2003, Island RockEnhanced CD
Celine Dion Let's Talk About Love 1997, Sony PopEnhanced CD
Counting Crows Film about Ghost - The Best Of 2003, Geffen RockEnhanced CD
Counting Crows Hard Candy 2002, Geffen RockEnhanced CD
Diana Krall The Girl In The Other Room 2004, Verve JazzEnhanced CD
Dream Theater Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulance [2 Discs] 2002, Elektra MetalEnhanced CD
Dream Theater Train Of Thought 2003, Elektra MetalEnhanced CD
Dwele Some Kinda 2005, Virgin Soul and R&B;Enhanced CD
Fiona Apple When The Pawn 1999, Epic, Sony Pop Rock Enhanced CD
George Winston Autumn [20th Anniversary Edition] 2001, BMG New AgeEnhanced CD
George Winston Night Divides The Day; The Medicine of The Doors 2002, BMG New AgeEnhanced CD
Gloria Estefan Destiny 1996, Epic PopEnhanced CD
Green Day American Idiot 2004, Reprise Alternative Rock Enhanced CD
Incognito No Time Like The Future 1999, Mercury Jazz Acid Enhanced CD
Jewel This Way 2001, Atlantic Pop Rock Enhanced CD
Journey Generations 2005, Sanctuary RockEnhanced CD
Matchbox Twenty Mad Season 2000, Atlantic RockEnhanced CD
Michael Buble Michael Buble 2003, Reprise PopEnhanced CD
Michael Buble Totally Buble 2003, DRG PopEnhanced CD
No Doubt Rock Steady 2001, Interscope RockEnhanced CD
Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today 2004, Lyric Street CountryEnhanced CD
Santana Shaman 2002, Arista RockEnhanced CD
Sarah McLachlan Afterglow 2003, Arista Pop Rock Enhanced CD
Sarah McLachlan Mirrorball [Live] 1999, Arista Pop Rock Enhanced CD
Sarah McLachlan The Freedom Session 1995, Arista Pop Rock Enhanced CD
Shaggy Hotshot 2000, MCA ReggaeEnhanced CD
Sheryl Crow The Globe Session 1998, A&M;Pop Rock Enhanced CD
Shinedown Leave A Whisper 2004, Atlantic RockEnhanced CD
Usher 8701 2001, Arista R&B;Enhanced CD
Velvet Revolver Contraband 2004, RCA RockEnhanced CD
Diana Krall Love Scenes 1997, Impulse JazzEU CD
Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra The Kings of Swing 2006, Fonte PopEU CD
Dionne Warwick The Definitive Collection 1999, Arista PopEU Import
Antonio Carlos Jobim Tide (1970) [Remastered] 2000, A&M;JazzEU Press
Bob Marley Legend: The Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers [2 Discs] 2002, Universal ReggaeEU Press
Monday Michiru 4 Seasons 2000, Polydor JazzEU Press.
George Michael Songs From The Last Century 1999, Virgin PopEU Pressing
Kitaro Live In America 1999, Domo New AgeEU Pressing
Whitney Houston The Greatest Hits [2 Disc] 2000, Arista Pop R&B;EU Pressing
Patricia Kaas Mademoiselle Chante 1988, Polydor Francd PopFrance Import
George Benson Raise The Global [Live] 2004, Carinco JazzGerman Import
Pat Metheny, Coleman, HadenSong X 1986, Geffen JazzGerman Import
Rod Stewart Lead Vocalist 1993, Wea PopGerman Import
Simply Red Greatest Hits 1996, Warner Pop Rock German Import
Tower of Power Bump City 1972, Warner JazzGerman Import
VA Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads 2006, BBE RockGerman Import
Vienna Master Series Bruch/Mendelssohn Bartholdy - Violinkonzerte 1991, Pilz ClassicalGerman Import
Al Jarreau Look To The Rainbow 1977, Warner JazzGerman Pressing
Madonna Music 2000, Warner PopGerman Pressing
Level 42 True Colours 1984, Polydor JazzGermany Press.
Level 42 World Machine 1984, Polydor JazzGermany Press.
Scorpions Blackout 1984, Polygram RockGermany Press.
Anne Murray An Intimate Evening with Anne Murray. Live [HDCD] 1997, Emi PopHDCD
Aretha Franklin Platinum Collection [HDCD] ST Music Pop Blues HDCD
Barb Junger Chanson: The Place In Between [HDCD] 2000, Linn Jazz Vocal HDCD
Beatles, The Beatles For Sale[HDCD Remastered] (1963] Fabulous Sound Lab RockHDCD
Beatles, The Help! [HDCD Remastered] (1965) Fabulous Sound Lab RockHDCD
Beatles, The Please Please Me [HDCD Remastered] (1963] Fabulous Sound Lab RockHDCD
Beatles, The Rubber Soul[HDCD Remastered] (1965] Fabulous Sound Lab RockHDCD
Beatles, The With The Beatles[HDCD Remastered] (1964] Fabulous Sound Lab RockHDCD
Better Than Ezra Before The Robots [HDCD] 2005, Artemis RockHDCD
Bob James Playin' Hookie [HDCD] 1997, Warner JazzHDCD
Boz Scaggs Dig [HDCD] 2001, Virgin RockHDCD
Brad Paisley Mud On The Tires [HDCD] 2003, BMG CountryHDCD
Brad Paisley Part II [HDCD] 2001, BMG CountryHDCD
Bryan Adams So Far So Good 1993, A&M;RockHDCD
Chaka Khan Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Khan [HDCD] 2005, Wea JazzHDCD
Chris Issak Baja Session [HDCD] 1996, Reprise RockHDCD
Crazytown The Gift of Game [HDCD] 1999, Sony Metal Rock HDCD
Dave Koz Saxophonic [HDCD] 2003, Capitol JazzHDCD
Dave Koz The Dance [HDCD] 1999, Capitol JazzHDCD
Dixie Chicks Fly [HDCD] 1999, Sony CountryHDCD
Dixie Chicks Home [HDCD] 2002, Sony CountryHDCD
Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces [HDCD] 1998, Sony CountryHDCD
Evanescence Fallen [HDCD] 2003, Universal Metal Rock HDCD
Garth Brooks Beyond The Season [HDCD] 1992, Liberty CountryHDCD
Garth Brooks Double Live [2 Discs] [HDCD] 1998, Capitol CountryHDCD
Garth Brooks Scarecrow [HDCD] 2001, Capitol CountryHDCD
Garth Brooks Sevens [HDCD] 1997, Capitol CountryHDCD
George Strait Latest Greatest Straitest Hits [HDCD] 2000, MCA CountryHDCD
George Winston Plains [HDCD] 1999, BMG New AgeHDCD
Green Day Nimrod [HDCD] 1997, Reprise Alternative Rock HDCD
James Ingram Forever More (Love Songs, Hits & Duets) [HDCD] 1999, Private PopHDCD
Jimi Hendrix The Ultimate Experience [HDCD Remastered] 1992, Polydor BluesHDCD
John Michael Montgomery Letters from Home [HDCD] 2004, Warner CountryHDCD
Jose Feliciano Platinum Collection [HDCD] ST Music JazzHDCD
Keiko Matsui Full Moon And The Shrine [HDCD] 1998, Countdown JazzHDCD
Keiko Matsui Keiko Matsui Live [Live] [HDCD] 1999, Countdown JazzHDCD
Keiko Matsui Whisper from the Mirror [Live] [HDCD] 2000, Countdown JazzHDCD
Keiko Matsui White Owl [Live] [HDCD] 2003, Narada JazzHDCD
Kenny Chesney No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems [HDCD] 2002, BMG CountryHDCD
Lee Ritenour Overtime [Live] [HDCD] 2005, Peak JazzHDCD
Lisa Loeb Firecracker 1997, Geffen Pop Rock HDCD
Lisa Ono Questa Bossa Mia [HDCD] 2004, EMI Japan JazzHDCD
Louis Amstrong Platinum Collection [HDCD] ST Music JazzHDCD
Maricel Bedana Amazing Grace [HDCD] 2005, The MusicLab PopHDCD
Martina McBride Gretest Hits [HDCD] 2001, BMG CountryHDCD
Megadeth Cryptic Writings [HDCD] 1997, Capitol Metal Rock HDCD
Mezzoforte Forward Motion [HDCD] 2007, BHM JazzHDCD
Nat King Cole Platinum Collection [HDCD] ST Music JazzHDCD
Natalie Merchant Motherland 2001, Elektra RockHDCD
Olivia Ong Fall In Love With Olivia [HDCD] 2007, S2S Japan PopHDCD
Olivia Ong Just for You [2 Disc] [HDCD] 2010, S2S PopHDCD
Patricia Barber Cafe Blue [HDCD] 1994, FIM JazzHDCD
Paula Cole This Fire [HDCD] 1996, Warner Pop Rock HDCD
Phil Collins & Mark Mancina Tarzan (OST) [HDCD] 1999, Walt Disney Rec. PopHDCD
Richard Marx My Own Best Enemy [HDCD] 2004, Manhattan PopHDCD
Rim Banna The Mirrors of My Soul [HDCD] 1005, Valley PopHDCD
Trisha Yearwood Inside Out [HDCD] 2001, Universal Country Pop HDCD
Van Halen Fair Warning [HDCD Remastered] (1981) 2000, Warner RockHDCD
Van Halen Van Halen [HDCD Remastered] (1978) 2000, Warner RockHDCD
Wynnona Judd Collection [HDCD] 1997, MCA CountryHDCD
Gary Moore Still Got The Blues 1990, Virgin BluesHolland Import
Coldplay Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends 2008, EMI Japan RockJapan
Metallica Kill "Em All 1983, Megaforce Metal Rock Japan
Richard Clayderman New 2005, Victor New AgeJapan
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet (1986) [Remastered] 2008, SHM RockJapan CD
Casiopea Made In Melbourne [Live] 1994, Pioneer JazzJapan CD
Casiopea Mint Jams (1982) [Remastered] 2002, Virgin JazzJapan CD
Diana Krall Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 1996, Impulse Jazz Holiday Japan CD
Frank Sinatra September Of My Years 1990, Reprise Jazz Easy Listening Japan CD
Incognito Inside Life 1991, Nippon Phonogram JazzJapan CD
Los Lobos By The Fall of The Moon 1987, Slash RockJapan CD
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here [Remastered] ([1975) 1982, Sony RockJapan CD
Police, The Every Breath You Take: The Singles 1986, A&M;RockJapan CD
VA GRP Record All Blues 2005, Universal Jazz Blues Japan CD
Casiopea Best Live Selections; Groove & Passion 2006, Geneon JP JazzJapan Import
Casiopea Best Studio Selections; Gentle & Mellow 2006, Geneon JP JazzJapan Import
Foo Fighters Skin and Bones [Live] 2006, BMG RockJapan Import
Great Classic Composers Vol. 10 Chopin: Nocturne 2001 Classical Concerto Japan Import
Great Classic Composers Vol. 12 Rachmaninov: Prelude 2001 Classical Concerto Japan Import
Great Classic Composers Vol. 2 Mozart: Requiem 2001 Classical Concerto Japan Import
Great Classic Composers Vol. 7 Vivaldi: The Four Seasons 2001 Classical Concerto Japan Import
Great Classic Composers Vol. 9 Bizet: Carmen Suite 2001 Classical Concerto Japan Import
Grover Washington Jr. Winelight 1980, Elektra JazzJapan Import
Incognito Who Needs Love 2001, PonyCanyon Jp. JazzJapan Import
Lisa Ono Soul & Bossa 2007, Avex/EMI Jazz Bossa Japan Import
Metallica One 1989, Sony Metal Rock Japan Import
Natalie Imbruglia Left of The Middle 1998, BMG RockJapan Import
Tropical Jazz Band X Swing Con Clave 2006, JVC Japan JazzJapan Import
Who, The Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy 1985, MCA RockJapan Press
Alabama Roll On 1984, RCA Victor Jp. CountryJapan Pressing
Beatles, The Beatles For Sale 1964, EMI RockJapan Pressing
Who, The Last At Leeds 1985, MCA RockJapan Pressing
Bee Gees Love Songs 2005, Wea PopUK
Boyzone By Request 1999, Universal PopUK
Jamie Cullum Twentysomething 2003, Universal Jazz Vocal UK
Enya Shepherd Moon 1992, Reprise New AgeUK Import
Eric Clapton and Martin Scorsese Martin Scorsese Present The Blues: Eric Clapton 2003, Polydor BluesUK Import
Gary Moore A Different Beat 1999, Castle BluesUK Import
IL Divo Ancora2005, Sony Pop Classical UK Import
IL Divo IL Divo 2004, Sony Pop Classical UK Import
IL Divo Siempre 2006, Sony Pop Classical UK Import
Incognito Positivity 1993, Phonogram JazzUK Import
Jamiroquai Emergency On Planet Earth 1993, EMI Jazz Acid UK Import
Jamiroquai The Restoration Of The Space Cowboy 1994, Sony Jazz Acid UK Import
Kinks, The Greatest Hits 1990, Wea PopUK Import
Level 42 Forever Now 1999, BMG JazzUK Import
Level 42 Turn It On 2000, Polygram UK JazzUK Import
Beatles, The Past Masters: Volume One 1988, EMI RockUK Pressing
Beatles, The Past Masters: Volume Two 1988, EMI RockUK Pressing
Corrs, The Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection 2006, Warner PopUK Pressing
Robbie Williams Sing When You're Winning 2000, Chrysalis PopUK Pressing
Aerosmith Classics Live! Complete [Live] 1998, Columbia RockUK/Austria SBM 20 Bit
311 311 1995, Capricorn Alternative Rock
3 Doors Down Away From The Sun 2002, Universal Rock
3 Doors Down The Better Life 2000, Universal Rock
Aaron Neville Bring It On Home The Soul Classics 2006, Burgundy R&B;AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 1976, Atlantic Rock
AC/DC For Those About To Rock We Salute You 1981, Atlantic Rock
AC/DC High Voltage 1976, Atlantic Rock
AC/DC Highway To Hell 1979, Atlantic Rock
AC/DC Powerage 1978, Atlantic Rock
AC/DC Who Made Who 1986, Atlantic Rock
Ace of Bace Greatest Hits 2000, Arista Rock
Acoustic Alchemy AArt 2001, Higher Octave New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Against The Grain 1994, GRP New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy American / English 2005, Higher Octave New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Arcan'um 1996, GRP New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Back On The Case 1991, GRP New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Blue Chip 1989, MCA New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Early Alchemy 1992, GRP New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Natural Elements 1988, MCA New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Positive Thinking 1998, GRP New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Radio Contact 2003, Higher Octave New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Red Dust & Spanish Lace 1996, GRP New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Reference Point 1990, GRP New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy Sounds of St. Lucia [Live] 2003, Image New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy The Beautiful Game 2000, Higher Octave New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy The New Age 1993, GRP New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy The Very Best of Acoustic Alchemy 2002, Higher Octave New Age Jazz
Acoustic Alchemy This Way 2007, Narada New Age Jazz
Active Ingredient Building Houses 1988, Bainbridge Jazz Jazz
Aerosmith Aerosmith's Greatest Hits 1986, CBS Rock
Aerosmith Big Ones 1994, Geffen Rock
Aerosmith Eat The Rich [Single] 1993, Geffen Rock
Aerosmith Get A Grip 1993, Geffen Rock
Aerosmith Made In America 1997, Columbia Rock
Aerosmith Pandora's Box - Disc 1 1991, Columbia Rock
Aerosmith Pandora's Box - Disc 2 1991, Columbia Rock
Aerosmith Pandora's Box - Disc 3 1991, Columbia Rock
Aerosmith Permanent Vacation 1987, Geffen Rock
Air Supply Sweat Dreams: The Encore Collection 2001, BMG Pop
Al Jarreau Tenderness [Live] 1994, Wea Jazz Vocal
Al Jarreau Tomorrow Today 2000, GRP Jazz Vocal
Alanis Morisette Jagged Little Pill 1995, Maverick Rock
Alanis Morisette MTV Unplugged [Live] 1999, Maveric Rock
Alanis Morisette The Collection 2005, Maveric Rock
Alex Bugnon Free 2005, EMI Jazz
Alex Bugnon Head Over Heels 1990, Orpheus Jazz
Alex Bugnon Love Season 1988, Orpheus Jazz
Alicia Keys The Elements of Freedom 2007,R&B;Amy Grant Simple Things 2003, Curb Pop Gospel/Christian
Ana Caram Blue Bossa 2001, Chesky Jazz Bossa
Andrea Bocelli Viaggio Italiano 1995, Philips Classical Opera
Andrea Bocelli Amore 2006, Sugar Pop Classical
Andrea Bocelli Cieli di Toscana 2001, Polydor Pop Classical
Andrea Bocelli Incanto 2008, Decca Pop
Andrea Bocelli Romanza 1996, Polygram Pop Classical
Andy Williams Love Songs 2004, Columbia Pop
Anita Baker Giving You The Best That I Got 1988, Elektra Soul and R&B;R&B;Anita Baker Rapture 1986, Elektra Soul and R&B;R&B;Anita Baker The Songstress 1991, Elektra Soul and R&B;Anna Maria Jopek Farat 2004, Universal Jazz Vocal
Anna Maria Jopek ID 2007, Universal Jazz Vocal
Anthrax Among The Living 1987, Island Metal Rock
Anthrax Attack of The Killer B's 1991, Island Metal Rock
Anthrax I'm The Man 1987, Island Metal Rock
Anthrax Madhouse: The Very Best of Anthrax 2001, Island Metal Rock
Anthrax Persistence of Time 1990, Island Metal Rock
Anthrax Stomp 442 1995, Elektra Metal Rock
Antonio Carlos Jobim Wave (1967) [Remastered] 1990, A&M;Jazz
Aretha Franklin 30 Greatest Hits [2 Discs] 1985, Atlantic Jazz
Avril Lavigne The Best Damn Thing 2007, RCA Pop
B.B. King and Eric Clapton Riding With The King 2000, Reprise Blues
Bad Company 10 From 6 1985, Atlantic Rock
Barbra Streisand Duets 2002, Sony Pop
Barbra Streisand Timeless: Live In Concert [2 Discs] [Live] 2000, Sony Pop
Barry Manilow The Essential Barry Manilow [2 Discs] 2005, Arista Pop
Basia London Warsaw New York 1989, CBS Pop
Basia The Sweetest Illusion 1997, Epic Pop
Basia Time and Tide 1987, CBS Pop
Beatles, The A Hard Day's Night 1964, EMI Rock
Beatles, The Let It Be 1987, EMI Rock
Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour 1987, EMI Rock
Beatles, The Magical Mystery Tour [Remastered] (1967) 1990, Capitol Rock
Beatles, The Revolver 1996, EMI Rock
Beatles, The Rubber Soul 1965, EMI Rock
Beatles, The Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1987, EMI Rock
Beatles, The Yellow Submarine 1999, EMI Rock
Beethoven The Spirit of Freedom - Early RomanticClassical
Ben Folds Five The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner 1999 Pop Rock
Benny Carter In The Mood For Swing 1989, Musical Heritage Jazz
Better Than Ezra Greatest Hits 2005, Warner Rock
Big Head Todd and The Monsters Another Mayberry 1989, Giant Rock
Big Head Todd and The Monsters Beautiful World 1997, Revolution Rock
Bill Wolfer And It Rained all Through The Night 1989, Nouveau Jazz
Billy Holiday Jazz at The Philharmonic 1994, Verve Jazz
Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume I: 1973-1977 1985, CBS Rock
Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume II: 1978-1985 1985, CBS Rock
Black Eyed Peas, The Elephunk 2003, A&M;Rap & Hip-Hop Rap
Blake Shelton Blake Shelton 2001, Warner Country
Blues Traveler Four 1994, A&M;Rock
Blues Traveler Travelers & Thieves 1991, A&M;Rock
Bob James All About The Town [Live] 1981, Warner Jazz
Bob James Grand Piano Canyon 1990, Warner Jazz
Bob James Obsession 1986, Warner Jazz
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Depapepe Hop! Skip! Jump! 2008, Phantom Pop
Depapepe Let's Go! 2005, PID Pop
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Frank Sinatra At Newport [Live]
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Garth Brooks The Chase 1992, Liberty Country
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Gary BurtonQuartet Passengers 1977, ECM Jazz
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Genesis Live: The Way We Walk Vol 2: The Longs [Live] 1993, Atlantic Rock
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Genesis Three Sides Live [Live] [2 Discs] 1982, Atlantic Rock
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George Winston Summer 2005, BMG New Age
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Green Day Insomniac 1995, Reprise Alternative Rock
Green Day Shenanigans 2002, Reprise Alternative Rock
Green Day Warning 2000, Reprise Alternative Rock
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Guns N' Roses Chinese Democracy 2008, Geffen Rock
Guns N' Roses The Spaghetti Incident 1993, Geffen Rock
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion 1 1991, Geffen Rock
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion 2 1991, Geffen Rock
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Harry Connick Jr.Come By Me 1999, Sony Jazz
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Herbie Hancock The New Standard 1996, Polygram Jazz
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Hiroshima Hiroshima 1979, Arista Jazz
Hoobastank Hoobastank 2001, Island Rock
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Hootie and The Blowfish Fairweather Johnson 1996, Atlantic Rock
Huang Jiang Qin Yan Hu n/a Traditional Mandarin
IL Divo The Christmas Collection 2005, Sony Pop Christmas
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Jamiroquai Traveling Without Moving 1996, EMI Jazz Acid
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Jane Monheit Taking A Risk Of Love 2004, Sony Jazz
Jane Monheit Surrender 2007, Concord Pop
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Jewel Pieces Of You 1994, Atlantic Pop
Jewel Spirit 1998, Atlantic Pop Rock
Jim Brickman Christmas Romance 2006, Compass Pop Christmas
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Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Axis - Bold As love 1993, MCA Rock
Joan Baez Play Me Backwards 1992, Virgin Pop
Joan Osborne Relish 1995, Mercury Pop
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Jon McLaughlin OK Now 2008, Island Pop
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Jonny Lang Wander This World 1998, A&M;Blues Rock
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Josh Groban Closer 2003, Wea Pop
Josh Groban Josh Groban 2001, Reprise Pop
Josh Groban Live at Greek 2004, Wea Pop
Josh Groban Noel 2007, Reprise Pop Christmas
Joshua Redman Wish (with Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden) 1993, Warner Bross Jazz
Journey Greatest Hits 2006, Sony Rock
Julio Iglesias Crazy 1994, Sony Pop
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K. D. Lang Shadowland 1988, Sire Pop
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Karrin Allyson Sweet Home Cookin' 1993, Concord Jazz
Katie Melua Pictures 2009, Dramatico Pop
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Kenny G Faith: A Holiday Album 1999, Arista Pop
Kenny G Live [Live] 1989, Arista Pop
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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Ledbetter Heights 1995, Giant Rock
Kid Rock Devil Without a Cause 1998, Atlantic Metal Rock
Kirk Whalum Roundtrip 2007, Rendezvous Jazz
Kiss Alive III 1993, Polygram Rock
Kiss Hot In The Shade 1989, Polygram Rock
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Kiss Smashes, Thrashes & Hits 1988, Polygram Rock
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Korn Life Is Peachy 1996, Epic Rock
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Laura Fygi Rendez-Vous 2008, Ume Jazz
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Led zeppelin Led zeppelin III 1970, Atlantic Rock
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Lee Ritenour World of Brazil 2005, GRP Jazz
Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton Larry and Lee 1995, GRP Jazz
Lenny Kravitz Are You Gonna Go My Way 1993, Virgin Rock
Lenny Kravitz Circus 1995, Virgin Rock
Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits 2000, Virgin Rock
Lenny Kravitz Mama Said 1991, Virgin Rock
Level 42 Guaranteed 1992, BMG UK Jazz
Level 42 Working In The Family (1987) [Remastered] 2000, Polygram Jazz
Level 42 Staring At The Sun (1988) [Remastered] 2000, Polygram Jazz
Lighthouse Family Postcard From Heaven 1997, Polydor Pop
Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water 2000, Interscope Metal Rock
Limp Bizkit Significant Other 1999, Interscope Metal Rock
Limp Bizkit Three Dollar Bill Y'All 1997, Interscope Metal Rock
Linda Rondstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra Lush Life 1984, Elektra Pop
Linda Rondstadt & The Nelson Riddle Orchestra What's New 1983, Elektra Pop
Linda Ronstadt Mas Canciones 1991, Elektra Country
Lionel Richie Truly: The Love Songs 1997, Polygram Pop
Lisa Ono Dans Mon le 2003, EMI Jazz Bossa/French
Lisa Ono Jambalaya: Bossa Americana 2006, EMI Jazz
Lisa Ono Romance Latino Vol. 1: Los Boleros Al Estilo De Bossanova 2005, EMI Jazz
Lisa Ono Romance Latino Vol. 2: Baladas Romanticas Al Ritmo De Bossanova 2005, EMI Jazz
Lisa Ono Romance Latino Vol. 3: Cuba Caliente Y Su Ritmo Sabroso 2005, EMI Jazz
Little Feat Feats Don't Betray Me Know 1974, Warner Rock
Live Secret Samadhi [HDCD] 1997, Radioactive Pop Rock
Liz Phair Whitechocolatespaceegg 1998, Capitol Rock
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Madonna Something to Remember 1995, Warner Pop
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Manhattan Transfer, The Tonin' 1994, Atlantic Pop
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Mariah Carey Greatest Hits [2 Discs] 2001, Columbia Pop
Mariah Carey MTV Unplugged [Live] 1992, Columbia Pop
Mark Whitfield Forever love 1997, Polygram Jazz
Mark Whitfield Patrice 1991, Warner Jazz
Mark Whitfield The Marksman 1990, Warner Jazz
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Maroon 5 It Wont Be Soon Before Long 2007, A&M;Rock
Maroon 5 Song About Jane 2003, Octone Rock
Martina McBride Martina 2003, BMG Country
Martina McBride The Way That I Am 1993, BMG Country
Mason Williams Classical Gas 1987, AMG Easy Listening
Matchbox Twenty Yourself or Someone Like You 1996, Atlantic Pop Rock
Matchbox Twenty More Than You Think You Are 2002, Atlantic Rock
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Megadeth Hidden Treasures 1995, Capitol Metal Rock
Megadeth Peace Sells But Who's Buying 1986, Capitol Metal Rock
Megadeth Sweating Bullets 1992, Capitol Metal Rock
Megadeth Youthanasia 1994, Capitol Metal Rock
Meja Mellow 2004, Sony Pop
Melissa Etheridge Never Enough 1992, Island Country Rock
Melissa Etheridge Yes I Am 1993, Island Country Rock
Metallica Death Magnetic 2008, Warner Metal Rock
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Metallica Load 1996, Elektra Metal Rock
Metallica Master Of Puppets 1986, Elektra Metal Rock
Metallica Reload 1997, Elektra Metal Rock
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Metallica The Black Album 1991, Elektra Metal Rock
Michael Bolton The Essential Michael Bolton [2 Discs] 2002, Columbia Pop
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Michael Buble It's Time 2005, Reprise Pop
Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden 2009, Reprise Pop
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Michael Franks Abandoned Garden 1995, Warner Jazz
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Motley Crue Generation Swine 1997, Elektra Rock
Motley Crue Motley Crue 1994, Elektra Rock
Mozart Musical Masterpieces - ClassicalClassical
Mr. Big Big, Bigger, Biggest! 1997, Atlantic Rock
Mr. Big Lean Into It 1991, Atlantic Rock
Muse Origin of Symmetry 2001, Warner Rock
MXPX Panic 2005, Side One Dumy Alternative Rock
Najee Najee's Theme 1986, EMI Jazz
Natalie Cole Ask A Woman Who Knows 2002, Verve Jazz
Natalie Cole Everlasting 1987, Manhattan Jazz
Natalie Cole Good To Be Back 1989, EMI Jazz
Natalie Cole I'm Ready 1983, Sony Jazz
Natalie Cole Stardust 1996, Elektra Jazz
Natalie Cole Take A Look 1993, Elektra Jazz
Natalie Cole Unforgettable with Love 1991, Elektra Jazz
Natalie Merchant Tigerlily 1995, Elektra Rock
Nelson Rangell Destiny 1995, GRP Jazz
Nelson Rangell In Every Moment 1992, GRP Jazz
Nelson Rangell Yes, Then Yes 1994, GRP Jazz
Neri Per Caso Le Ragazze 1998, Esy Pop Acapella
New Found Glory Coming Home 2006, Geffen Alternative Rock
Nickelback All The Right Reasons 2005, Roadrunner Rock
Nina Simone The Essential Nina Simone Vol 2 1994, BMG Jazz
Nine Years The Madding Crowd 2000, Epic Pop Rock
Nine Inch Nail The Downward Spiral 1994, TVT Metal Rock
Nirvana MTV Unlugged [Live] 1994, Unversal Rock
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom 1995, Trauma Alternative Rock
No Doubt Return of Saturn 2000, Interscope Rock
Norah JonesFeaturing Norah Jones 2010, Blue Note Jazz
Norah Jones Come Forth With Me 2002, Blue Note Jazz
Norah Jones Feels Like Home 2004, EMI Jazz
Norah Jones Not Too Late 2007, Blue Note Jazz
Norah Jones The Fall 2009, Blue Note Jazz
Norah Jones & The Peter Malick Group New York City 2003, Koch Folk
Norman Brown Better Days Ahead 1996, Motown Jazz
Norman Brown Just Between Us 1992, Motown Jazz
Norman Brown Just Chillin' 2002, Warner Jazz
Norman Brown West Coast Coolin' 2004, Warner Jazz
Oasis (What The Story) Morning Glory? 1995, Sony Alternative
Oasis Be Here Now 1997, Sony Alternative
Oasis Definitely Maybe 1994, Sony Alternative
Offspring Smash 1994, Epitaph Alternative Rock
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Olivia Ong Olivia 2010, S2S Pop
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Pat Metheny Group The Road To You: Live In Europe [Live] 1993, Geffen Jazz
Pat Metheny Group We Live Here 1995, Geffen Jazz
Pat Metheny Trio Day Trip 2008, Nonesuch Jazz
Patrice Rushen Straight From The Heart 1996, Elektra Soul and R&B;Patricia Barber Live: A Fortnight In France [Live] 2004, Blue Note Jazz
Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl 1992, Virgin Pop
Peabo Bryson All My Love 1989, Capitol Pop
Pearl Jam Ten 1991, Sony Alternative Rock
Pearl Jam Vitalogy 1994, Sony Rock
Persun Empty Room 2002, Schoolhouse Pop Rock
Peter White Glow 2001, Columbia Jazz
Phil Collins No Jacket Required 1985, Atlantic Pop Rock
Phil Collins .Hits 1998, Wea Rock
Phil Collins Serious Hits. Live [Live] 1990, Wea Rock
Phil Perry The Classic Love Songs 2006, Shanacie Jazz R&B;Pink Floyd The Division Bell 1994, Sony Rock
Pink Floyd The Wall [2 Discs] 1979, Columbia Rock
Placido Domingo A Bed Until The End Of Time - Greatest Hits 1988, CBS Vocal
Poison Look What The Cat Dragged In 1986, Capitol Metal
Poison Swallow This - [Live] [2 Discs] 1991, Capitol Metal Rock
Police, The Ghost In The Machine 1981, AM Rock
Police, The Outlandos d'Amour 1978, AM Rock
Police, The Regatta de Blanc 1979, AM Rock
Police, The Synchronicity 1983, AM Rock
Police, The Zenyatta Mondatta 1980, AM Rock
Prince Diamonds and Pearls 1991, Warner Pop
Queen Classic Queen 1992, Hollywood Rock
Queen Greatest Hits 1992, Hollywood Rock
Queen Innuendo 1991, Hollywood Rock
Queen Live At Wembley '86 [Live] [2 Discs] 1992, Hollywood Rock
Queen News Of The World 1991, Elektra Rock
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime 1988, EMI Rock
Radiohead Kid A 2000, Capitol Rock
Radiohead OK Computer 1997, EMI Rock
Radiohead The Bends 1995, EMI Rock
RadioheadPablo Honey 1993, Capitol Alternative Rock
Ramsey Lewis Keys To The City 1987, Columbia Jazz
Randy Travis No Holdin' Back 1989, Warner Country
Ratt Ratt & Roll 8191 1991, Atlantic Rock
Ray Charles Genius Loves Company 2004, Concord Blues
Ray Charles Genius & Friends 2005, Rhino Jazz
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication 1999, Warner Rock
Red Hot Chilli Pepers Blood Sugar Sex Magik 1991, Warner Rock
Red Hot Chilli Pepers One Hot Minute 1995, Warner Rock
Renee Olstead Renee Olstead 2004, Reprise Pop Jazz
Renee Olstead Skylark 2009, Reprise Pop Jazz
REO Speedwagon Find Your Own Way Home 2007, Artful Rock
Richard Bona Tiki 2006, Decca Jazz New Age
Richard Clayderman A Thousand Winds 2007, Victor New Age
Richard Marx Greatest Hits 1997, Capitol Pop
Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad [Reloaded] Island, 2008 R&B;Rippingtons, The Brave New World 1996, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The Curves Ahead 1991, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The Kilimanjaro 1989, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The Let It Ripp 2003, Peak Jazz
Rippingtons, The Spirit in The Tropics 2000, Peak Jazz
Rippingtons, The Last Across America [Live] 2003, Concord Jazz
Rippingtons, The Last in L.A. [Live] 1993, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The New Art 2009, Peak Jazz
Rippingtons, The Moonlighting 1986, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The Sahara 1994, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The The Best of The Rippingtons 1997, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The Topaz 1999, Windham Hill Jazz
Rippingtons, The Tourist in Paradise 1989, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The Weekend in Monaco 1992, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The Welcome to The St. James Club 1990, GRP Jazz
Rippingtons, The Wild Card 2005, Peak Jazz
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe 1998, Geffen Metal Rock
Robbie Williams Greatest Hits 2004, Capitol Pop
Robert Cray Midnight Stroll 1990, Polygram Blues
Rod Stewart A Spanner In The Works 1992, Warner Pop
Rod Stewart As Time Goes By: The Great American Song Book Vol. II 2003, J Records Pop
Rod Stewart If We Come In Bed Tonight 1996, Warner Pop
Rod Stewart It Had to Be You; The Grest American Songbook 2002, J Records Pop
Rod Stewart Stardust: The Large American Songbook Vol. III 2004, J Records Pop
Rod Stewart Still The Same.Great Rock Classics of Our Time 2006, J Records Pop
Rod Stewart Unplugged.And Seated [Live] 1993, Warner Pop
Rolling Stones, The Made In The Shade 1975, CBS Rock
Rolling Stones, The Steel Wheels1989, CBS Rock
Rolling Stones, The Voodoo Lounge 1994, Virgin Rock
Ronnie Laws In The Groove 1990, Capitol Jazz
Roxette The Ballads Hits 2002, EMI Pop Rock
Roxette The Pop Hits 2003, EMI Pop Rock
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Plays The Hits of Pink Floyd 1994, Koch Pop Orchestral
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The The Music of ABBA 1996, Koch Pop Orchestral
Sabrina I Love Acoustic 2008, Universal Pop
Sabrina I Love Acoustic Too (Vol. 2) 2009, Universal Pop
Sabrina I Love Acoustic Vol. 3 2010, Universal Pop
Sade Love Deluxe 1992, Sony R&B;Sade Lovers Live [Live] 2002, Epic R&B;R&B;Sade Soldier of Love 2010, Sony R&B;Sade The Best of Sade 1994, Sony R&B;Sandi Patty Find It On The Wings 1994, Word/Epic Pop Christian
Santana Santana's Greatest Hits 1974 1974, Kala Rock
Santana Supernatural 1999, Arista Rock Latin
Sara K Closer Than They Appear 1992, Chesky Pop Folk
Sarah McLachlan Fumbling Towards Ecstasy 1993, Arista Pop Rock
Sarah McLachlan Solace 1989, Arista Pop Rock
Sarah McLachlan Surfacing 1997, Arista Pop Rock
Sarah McLachlan Wintersong 2006, Arista Pop Rock
Sarah Vaughan Embraceable You 1996, Delta Jazz
Savage Garden Savage Garden 1997, Sony Pop
Scorpions Crazy World 1990, PolyGram Rock
Scorpions Face The Heat 1993, Polygram Rock
Scorpions In TranceRock
Seal Seal 1994, ZTT Pop
Shakuhachi The Japanese Flute 1991, Elektra World
Shania Twain Greatest Hits 2004, Mercury Pop Country
Sheryl Crow C'mon C'mon 2002, A&M;Pop Rock
Sheryl Crow Sheryl Crow 1996, A&M;Pop Rock
Sheryl Crow Tuesday Night Music Club 1993, A&M;Pop Rock
Shirley Horn Here's to Life 1992, Polygram Jazz
Shirley Horn May The Music Never End 2003, Verve Jazz
Sitti My Bossa Nova 2010, Warner Pop
Skid Row B-Side Ourselves 1992, Atlantic Metal Rock
Skid Row Skid Row 1989, Atlantic Metal Rock
Skid Row Slave To The Grind 1991, Atlantic Metal Rock
Skid Row Subhuman Race 1995, Atlantic Metal Rock
Slaughter Stick It To Ya 1990, Chrysalis Metal Rock
Smoma Casual Lounge 2005, Syx Jazz Lounge
Smoma Smoma & Friends 2006, Syx Jazz Lounge
Smoma Unconventional Glam Music 2009, Halidon Jazz Lounge
Soundgarden Down on the Upside 1996, A&M;Alternative Rock
Spyro Gyra Breakout 1986, Amherst Jazz
Spyro Gyra Collection 1991, GRP Jazz
Spyro Gyra Down The Wire 2009, Heads Up Jazz Fushion
Spyro Gyra Dream Beyond Control 1993, GRP Jazz
Spyro Gyra Fast Forward 1990, MCA Jazz
Spyro Gyra Got The Magic 1999, Windham Jazz
Spyro Gyra Heart Of The Night 1996, GRP Jazz
Spyro Gyra In Modern Times 2001, Heads Up Jazz Fushion
Spyro Gyra Incognito 1982, Amherst Jazz
Spyro Gyra Love and Other Obsessions 1995, GRP Jazz
Spyro Gyra Morning Dance 1979, Amherst Jazz
Spyro Gyra Original Cinema 2003, Heads Up Jazz
Spyro Gyra Retrospective1997, GRP Jazz
Spyro Gyra Spyro Gyra 1978, Amherst Jazz
Spyro Gyra Stories Without Words 1987, MCA Jazz
Spyro Gyra The Deep End 2004, Heads Up Jazz Fushion
Stacey Kent Breakfast on The Morning Tram 2007, EMI Jazz
Stanley Clarke School Days 1976, Epic Jazz
Stanley Jordan Bolero 1994, Arista Jazz
Stanley Jordan Live In New York 1998, Blue Note Jazz
Stanley Jordan Magic Touch 1985, Blue Note Jazz
Stanley Jordan Standards Vol. 1 1986, Blue Note Jazz
Stanley Jordan Stolen Moments - [Live] at Blue Note Tokyo 1991, Blue Note Jazz
Stanley Jordan Cornucopia 1990, Blue Note
Steve Vai Fire Garden 1996, Sony Rock
Steve Vai Flex-Able Leftovers 1998, Sony Rock
Steve Vai Passion and Warfare 1997, Sony Rock
Steve Vai Sex & Religion 1997, Sony Rock
Stevie Ray Vaughan In Step 1989, CBS Blues
Stevie Ray Vaughan In The First [Be In Austin, Texas] 1992, Sony Blues
Stevie Ray Vaughan Live Alive [Live] 1986, CBS Blues
Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas Flood [Remastered] 1999, Sony Blues
Sting Fields of Gold - The Better of Sting 1984-1994 1994, A&M;Pop Rock
Sting The Dream Of The Blue Turtles 1985, A&M;Pop Rock
Sting Brand New Day 1999, A&M;Rock
Sting Mercury Falling 1996, A&M;Rock
Sting Nothing Like The Sun 1987, A&M;Rock
Sting Ten Summoner's Tales 1993, A&M;Rock
Styx Edge Of The Century 1990, A&M;Rock
Styx Greatest Hits 1995, A&M;Rock
Styx Paradise Theater 1980, A&M;Rock
Styx Pieces of Eight 1987, A&M;Rock
Sublime 40 oz. to Freedom 1992, Gasoline Alternative Rock
Sublime Second Hand Smoke 1997, Gasoline Alternative Rock
Sugar Ray Floored 1997, Atlantic Alternative Rock
Sweetback Sweetback 1996, Epic Soul and R&B;Swing Out Sister Beautiful Mess 2008, Sanachie Pop
Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown 2004, Sony Rock
Take 6 Take 6 1988, Reprise Pop Acapella
Take That Greatest Hits 1996, BMG Pop
Tal Bachman Tal Bachman 1999, Columbia Pop Rock
Tata Young The Love of Tata Young 2009, Sony Pop
Taylor Swift Fearless (Platinum Edition) 2009, Big Machine Pop Country
Tchaikovsky Poetry and Passion - Late Romantic Delta Classical
The Three Tenors (Carreras, Domingo, & Pavarotti) In Concert: Mehta 1990, Decca Classic
Thelonious Monk The Best of Thelonious Monk: The Blue Note Years 1991, Blue Note Jazz
Thelonius Monk Jazz Moods Round Midnight 2004, Sony Jazz
Tony Bennet & K. D. Lang A Marvellous World 2002, Sony Jazz
Tori Amos From the Choirgirl Hotel 1998, Atlantic Rock
Toto Hits Collection 2008, Sony Pop Rock
Toto Super Hits 2001, Sony Rock
Tower of Power Monster On A Leash 1991, Sony Jazz
Tracy Chapman New Beginning 1995, Elektra Rock Pop
Tsai Chin Toward To Sing Vol. 2 2007, Warner TW Pop
Tuck and Patti Dream 1991, Windham Jazz
Tuck and Patti Learning How to Fly 1995, Sony Jazz
Tuck and Patti Tears Of Joy 1988, Windham Jazz
Tuck Andress Reckless Precision 1990, Windham Jazz
U2 All That U Can't Leave Behind 2000, Universal Alternative Rock
U2 How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb 2004, Universal Alternative Rock
U2 Joshua Tree 1987, Island Alternative Rock
U2 The Best of 1980-1990 1998, Island Alternative Rock
U2 Wide Awake In America 1985, Island Alternative Rock
U2 Zooropa 1993, Island Alternative Rock
Ugly Kid Joe Manace to the Sobriety 1995, Polygram Metal Rock
VA Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women in Music [2 Discs] 1998, Arista Alternative Rock
VA Blues: Every Day I Give The Blues 2003, RCA Blues
VA The Millenium Collection: The Best Of Blues Guitar 2003, MCA Blues
VA Bossa n' Marley: The Electro-Bossa Songbook Of Bob Marley 2005, Industria
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